Where are You Going Mr. Dark and Gloomy?
Season 1, Episode 5
Kodocha e-5
Air date May 3, 1996
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Crazy Stew Family Crisis

As school life begins to quiet down due to Akito no longer terrorizing the classroom, many of the girl students are now beginning to accept the idea that Hayama is not so bad. Knowing this, he continues to rebuff any hope of being accepted by insulting everyone around him, trying to maintain his solitude. Sana, angered by this despite him now working against the other boys, decides to take matters into her own hands.

She talks to him while he leaves from school, trying to convince him to talk with everyone else, even the other boys. He becomes angry and annoyed, to which Sana replies that she knows something is wrong in his life, and that she only wants to help. Hayama darkly responds that if she really wanted to help him, she would kill him, and hands her a knife. Now angered and frustrated herself, she takes the knife and stabs it into a tree, declaring she would never do such a thing. Hayama simply leaves, saying that he and her are too different to understand each other.

The next day, Sana becomes obsessive with Hayama, believing he is going to kill himself at any given moment. While working in Kodomo no Omecha, she reveals she will soon be acting in a dark drama about a troubled family. When she gets Zenjiro's autograph to deliver it to Natsumi, she is yelling about how Akito killed their mother, and smashing plates. She stops when she sees Sana, and takes the autograph embarrassed. Akito reveals that their mother died giving birth to him and that she blames him for her death, and Sana realizes that Hayama's family is just like the family portrayed in the drama. She says she will work hard in the drama, hoping that it may serve as a basis to the Hayama family's troubles.



  • This is the second episode to mention the singer Peggy Hayama, again in reference to Akito's name.
  • An American cereal named Gallops is used by Sana, and is obviously based off of Kellogg's Cornflakes.