Hey TO whoever is reading this, I am an Animefreak! so wat? I luv anime and i bet u do 2! <3 <3 <3

I make Anime Music videos on youtube, using windows movie maker and Sony Vegas 9.0 Movie Studio HD (yah i bought it :( I should have ust downloaded a keygen watever! anyways if u wanna check out my videos go to Youtube, and search for username: HelloProjectXJohnnys

Dats my username and in sum of my new vids i use my username SailorVenusYaten, thats because I used to have an account on youtube with that username till it was deleted oh well :\

Also I am Israeli, of course i'm not gonna put my real name up in WIK! so i created my own name Mai Hagiya, u can call me MaiMai or Mai-chan, also i speak Hebrew, English (fluently), Japanese (I understand it and i speak it too), and a little bit Russian, I'm half russian, half iraqy, and Israeli, born in Tel-Aviv and wish to live in japan in the future who WOULDN'T? lol please dont be a stranger to me if u want 2 be friends sure! i dont mind! Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!~

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