Under the Same Roof with You
Season 1, Episode 47
Kodocha 47
Air date February 28, 1997
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Father, You Were My Father

Sana wakes up to her apartment being torn down, and Rei gets her and Misako out of the building. They see that they are homeless again, except now Misako has a house ready for them, to open the next week. Misako takes this time to go to Europe, while Sana and Rei stay at a hotel. Sana has no interest in staying at a hotel, and gets Rei to let her stay with Wootio.

Rei tries to learn more about Takeshi, but receives no answers. However, there is now a rumor that Takeshi and Sana's roles may be expanded in the drama, exciting Rei greatly. However, as Sana and Takeshi stay together, they attract the attention of both Ajihu and the old reporter who stalked Sana before, Kurosaki. They begin increasing Sana's presence on the media, worrying Akito, but prompting Tsuyoshi to found a fan club around Takeshi.

The members of this new-found fan-club, Tsuyoshi, Aya, Hisae, and Akito who is dragged along, go to Takeshi's house for a party. Akito is, however, standoff-ish as usual, and tension is build between him and Takeshi. Sana helps prepare sauce for the meat, which turns out to be excessively hot; hot enough to make Tsuyoshi pass out and Hisae and Aya rethink coming. Akito and Takeshi stick it out for Sana's sake,a nd later on, after everyone leaves, Takeshi and Sana fall asleep on the couch.

Kurosaki begins asking people around town questions about Takeshi, and he learns he had once lived in the same place thirteen years before. Meanwhile, Misako gets her new home, and Shimura is back with it. They all enjoy the new house with all of their old things, except Sana, who is about to come back from Takeshi's. Suddenly, Kurosaki arrives at the door, and demands to speak with Misako alone. Here, he reveals a stunning truth; Takeshi is Sana's birth father.