Three, Two, One: Sing!
Season 1, Episode 34
Kodocha 34
Air date November 22, 1996
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There's a Reason for the Gift

While Sana is preparing for an episode of Kodomo no Omecha, Rei tells her about a drama that is being formed involving her, Mayu Tobita, and Ayano Hanamaru Koji Tomomi, the three most well known young actresses in Japan. Sana doesn't give a direct answer as she gets ready to be filmed, but implies that she will. After the show, Sana learns Zenjiro's birthday will be soon, and wants to prepare a party for him.

Sana meets Mayu and Ayano. Ayano is very quiet, and entertained by Sana and her personality, and they get along well from the start. Mayu, however, is totally different, and assumes she is superior to them both while her manager/mother fights to get her all of the leading roles. The three meet the producer Tsu (with whom Sana will work closely with in the future), who does not give in to Mayu's demands, but is too soft to outright deny them. Sana doesn't catch on to Mayu's aggression, and instead invites her along with Ayano to the big birthday party for Zenjiro at her friend's requests. She has no intention of coming, but is immediately more hateful of Sana when she learns she and Naozumi are already good friends, whom she is smitten with.

The roles are finally handed out, and Mayu is made the main character, while Sana is left with the role of the dog. Sana, however, is happy with this, and steals the show during rehearsal with her comedy, putting her in a much higher position than was intended. Mayu progressively becomes more and more angry with Sana's carefree nature, and becomes angered to the point of leaving the drama.

The day of the party, Sana attempts to apologize and reconcile their relationship. Mayu refuses to acknowledge it, and calls her stupid as she leaves the room. She nearly falls over when she realizes Ayano was in the room the whole time, and tells her she should go to the party. She is finally convinced when she sees Sana's doll that she made laying on the floor. At the party, Zenjiro, Sanekichi, and Misako are all performing for everyone. Mayu comes in and stops the party, saying that Sana taught her something about not getting angry all the time. They perform for everyone, and when they are done, Zenjiro gets his doll. However, they realize that the doll he got was different from he one that Mayu picked up, and suddenly the one she ad explodes. Dirtied for the explosion, she is, surprisingly, undeterred as she would have once been.



  • Zenjiro's voice actor, who is also Zenjiro in real life, is briefly seen in a picture.