There's a Reason for the Gift
Season 1, Episode 35
Kodocha 35
Air date November 29, 1996
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Tsuyoshi and Aya continue to enjoy a good relationship, and get attention from everyone else for it. Aya regularly gives Tsuyoshi presents, and his mother points out that he has been popular with girls all his life, something he had not considered. Meanwhile, Gomi and his gang are looking for ways to sabotage Tsuyoshi's relationship, and they believe they have discovered the way how.

The next day, Tsuyoshi finds a letter with some food in his locker. He assumes it's from Aya, but he realizes it's not addressed, and the handwriting is not Aya's. Panicking, he grabs Akito and brings him to the roof, asking what he should do. Hayama gives the unhelpful advice of dating two girls, something Tsuyoshi refuses to even consider. Aya notes for the rest of the day, he avoids her, and Sana starts to question it. Akito explains it to her, and his habit of falling in love with everyone who gives him presents. Noting the pattern in him, she now sees the gravity of the situation, and seeks to mend his relationship with Aya. Now, however, Tsuyoshi is avoiding them both.

Sana catches Tsuyoshi and gets Zenjiro to come in Rei's car. Knowing he has a lot of experience with women, Sana wants Zenjiro to help Tsuyoshi get over his habit of falling in love with people who give him presents. However, Zenjiro doesn't help, and only encourages him to seek more women. Sana is on the verge of giving up on Tsuyoshi, but Rei offers to try to figure out who the anonymous gifter is.

Word starts to spread of Tsuyoshi's lover, and Aya learns of it. She has hope that Tsuyosi wil stay with her, but she is unsure. When Rei retrieves the camera footage of outside of his locker, it is learned the culprits are Gomi and his friends, and when Akito learns this as well separately, they both go after them. Tsuyoshi is brought, and they force an apology out of them. Tsuyoshi relieved, but also very worried about his habit, and now cowers away from gifts of any kind. As he comes to school the next day, he sees someone else asking Aya out. He is shocked, but sees Aya's love when she rejects him. He goes up to her, and she gives him cookies, and says that she'll always give him gifts if he is ever in doubt. Their relationship seems fixed, though he receives another anonymous gift after school. Aya now can fix the problem, but he still declares his own helplessness, to which Sana agrees.



  • Yasuda, one of Gomi's friends, is another character seen from episode 1 but only now introduced.