The trio disappeared together
Season 2, Episode 101
Kodocha 101
Air date March 20, 1998
Episode guide
Disappearance of the blackboard erasers
Kodocha continues through thick & thin

Akito feels the full guilt of Nakao going missing, believing that the letter Sengoku read indicated that he was the reason he left. Sana, too, feels like she takes some responsibility for her negligence. As Sengoku slanders the two, rumors of their involvement spread throughout the school, though Akito and Sana's old elementary school classmates constantly fight against these whispers and defends them. Ishida, feeling the pressure from Sengoku and the other students, defects from the karate club.

Akito can scarcely stand anymore of what's happening, and Sana does her best to support him. Sengoku, however, approaches them, saying their efforts are futile, and that if anything bad is discovered of Nakao, they will take the full blame. Sana becomes angry, and asks Sengoku specifically what was in that letter. He refuses to tell, and walks away from them. A realization suddenly washes over Akito; he remembers Nakao mentioning blackboard erasers in the abandoned north wing. He rushes over with Sana, and they get to the karate room, but find it locked and jammed. Akito thinks, and remembers a small window slit from the outside. They navigate to the roof, and both get down to the window, which is just big enough for their heads. They see him, alive but barely conscious, but when they try to pull back to get help, they find that they are both stuck.

Realizing that they can't move, Akito begins to talk to Nakao. He tells him that he had read his letter, and didn't know he had wanted to stay in the karate club, and would allow him to rejoin once they got out. Nakao, however, says he has no intention of leaving, and that he plans to become a mummy there. Sana becomes very annoyed, telling him that he has a long life ahead of him, but he says that he is not useful for anything, and plans to die here. Sana and Akito have absolutely no way of moving, and Akito's head is rubbing up against a nail. Nakao's family, meanwhile, continues to worry.

After a time, Sana and Akito are reported missing, since none of their friends can find them, and Rei is still waiting. Sengoku believes that this is just Akito's work once again, that he is planning to shut up everyone around him. The principal finds the idea ridiculous, but Sengoku maintains that it could be true. They see Aya and Fuka passing by, and Sengoku demands to know what they know. They just say that they're looking for their friends, and Rei suddenly comes demanding to know where Sana is. Suzuki begins thinking of the erasers, and how it could all possibly connect.


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