The Promised Summer, Part 1
Season 1, Episode 14
Kodocha 14
Air date July 5, 1996
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My Name's Going to Change
The Promised Summer, Part 2

Sana and Hayama are standing in an alleyway after watching Tsuyoshi meet with his father. Hayama asks about Sana's father, to which she replies she simply doesn't have one. She mentions that her mother had been married for two years, but that the man wasn't her father. Sana then brings up the field trip which they are going on soon.

Sana gets all of her things ready, but is called in by her mother. She mentions that they had both accomplished the goals of some sort of plan they had, that Misako would become a famous writer, and that Sana would become known for something. She says she will finish writing a particular book soon, and that they will publish it in three days. Sana is happy outside, but is shown to be worried about something.

The students are loading for the field trip, and here Sumirei Ando, an extremely strict teacher with no tolerance of class 3, and Principal Narunaru, the lighthearted and always happy principal, are introduced. They head off to the mountain, but Hayama notices Sana is upset about something. He approaches her about it while they are alone, to which she can't give a straight answer.

While talking, they hear a noise down the hall. Despite it being 2 A.M., they find all of the teachers and the principal partying and hoarding all the sushi. The two blackmail them by saying they will tell the other students, and get to stay and eat sushi, despite Ando's protests. The next day, they head up the mountain, and gather around a large bonfire. Zenjiro shows up to film Sana, and starts up a game of limbo. They find out this is Ando's biggest weakness, and she completly relaxes as she proves to be the master of the game. Sana, who is already depressed over what her mother is doing, wanders into the forest, and Hayama takes off after her.

In the darkness, Sana and Hayama fall down a cliff. Finding no way up, they stay down here and talk. Sana is still distrustful of Hayama due to his tendency to molest her, but he says he won't do anything so long as she asks. He starts inquiring more about her depression, and finally, she breaks down in tears, saying what her mother is writing may ruin their lives.