The Father Who's Unable to Be A Father
Season 2, Episode 79
Kodocha 79
Air date October 10, 1997
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Almost instantaneously after Gary announces Naozumi is his son on live television, the household is flooded with phone calls, and is quickly surrounded by reporters. They have to carefully sneak out, but are spotted anyway and forced to flee as the reporters chase them. Naozumi and Sana make it to a limo Brad is in, while Rei is swamped with contact information from the various other producers there. Brad says he picked them up because Sicil wants to talk to Naozumi. He goes and speaks with her, and she says that Gary telling everyone on T.V. was her idea, in hopes of having him stay. Naozumi is perturbed by the though of staying in America, but does not altogether deny the possibility.

They go for the second showing of the play, and Gary apologizes for his sudden announcement to Naozumi before they start. Meanwhile, Rei is ecstatic with all of the new contacts and jobs Sana can do now, so much so that he believes that Sana will become the largest star on the planet. They do their act again, and afterwards Michelle comes to congratulate them. She then speaks to Sana specifically, saying she looks forward to continuing to teach her, implying she'll stay in America. Sana is not against the idea, but she sees Naozumi is questioning it.

As their popularity continues to surge, they begin filming commercials immediately after the play is finished. They're no constantly jumping around to different shows and commercials, but Naozumi remains concerned. Sana brings up this concern that night, and he admits he's not sure either why he's worried. The next day, everyone celebrates at a ball at the original Hamilton residence, where Gary brings Naozumi before interviewers for him to tell how he's feeling about working with his father from now on. To everyone's surprise, he suddenly says that he believes that if he had not been a famous actor, his father would not have called him. He now says he will return to Japan.

Naozumi has lifted a great weight off of his chest, but Sicil is very upset. Naozumi says that he sees that the Hamilton family is only meant to be a three-person family, and that he'd only get in the way. The next day, they go to the airport, and share another similar tear-filled departure from Bernie. When they're boarding the plane, however, Gary suddenly appears in a helicopter. Naozumi thanks him for everything he'd done for him, and finally boards the plane and leaves.