The Deadline's Here!
Season 1, Episode 42
Kodocha 42
Air date January 24, 1997
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He Got Me Blacklisted!
Age Difference, Shmage Difference

Sana is now more lighthearted now that she has work in store, and after meeting with the man at work, who plays many jokes. She is quite happy, until she realizes that she's forgotten all about the essay she was supposed to write for Onda, which is meant to be finished in a week. Of the pages stacking to 9.57 cm, she only has 7 lines.

She frantically starts to work, but is meant with constant interruption, which Misako calls the 77 inconveniences of writing. Even after a full day of work, and working well into the night, she gets little done, and she fears she won't finish in time. However, she is given news by Onda that her book may not be published at all unless she meets the deadline, due to Moyan's sanctions still on against the publishing company.

Sana, determined to defeat Moyan, sets further to the massive task of writing the essay. Her tiredness is evidently seen while on set of Kodomo no Omecha, and Ajihu discreetly records her sufferings for Moyan to enjoy. She begins to isolate herself from the outside world, but that school day, she is approached by Gomi with an unusual question. He asks why she tries so hard, to which she responds that she doesn't understand. He leaves without explaining herself, leading Sana to speculate something is wrong.

She seems almost at the point of defeat, with the essay seeming an insurmountable task. She almost gives up after staying up a full night writing, but a sudden buzz on her Burutcha by Akito keeps her awake. She writes harder than she ever had before, which, by miracle, leads her to finishing. She runs the draft to Onda, who turns it in at the literal last minute. However, now with her tirdness, she falls asleep on the bench at the park. The man she had met before picks her up and brings her to his house, where she finally sleeps a full night.