Take Me To Kusatsu!
Season 1, Episode 36
Kodocha 36
Air date December 6, 1996
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While on winter vacation, Sana and her family are invited to Kasatsu, her grandmother's hot spring. Misako is wholly against the idea, but Rei and Sana force her to go. Misako suspects that her mother is up to a conspiracy again, wanting to hand off the land to Sana. Rei is aware of this, and actively preparing to become the chief of staff should it prove true.

Hayama's family is also here, and they all meet shortly after arriving. Shizuka invited them here at the same time she invited her own family, and Misako sees the conspiracy before her, to get Sana and Akito to marry. Akito overhears something else, however, that she is being threatened by a rival clan leader who owns another spa. Sana is infuriated and wants to fight, but Akito holds her back for now.

Sana has a brush up with the Kunisade clan leader afterwards, but becomes distracted when she learns Zenjiro has come to teach skiing. Akito tries to learn while there, and is encouraged by his rivalry with Toriyama, who is there. However, he fails when Sana tries to use the Burutcha on him and causes an avalanche in the process. Meanwhile, they learn clan Kunisade may try to use violence to achieve their goals.

Sana arms Akito, Zenjiro, and Hiroshi for a fight against Kunisade clan. They find they have taken Shizuka hostage, and begin to fight. Zenjiro and Hiroshi are 'killed' quickly, while Akito starts reading a book he finds on the ground. Chuukichi holds a dagger to Shizuka's throat, and Sana may be forced to surrender. However, Misako bursts in and disrupts the fight. She tells Sana that Shizuka and Kunisade have been friends since elementary school, and the whole thing is a charade to get Sana to accept ownership of Kasatsu. Shizuka gives up for now, and they get ready to go home, while Zenjiro and Hiroshi still don't know its an act and continue to play dead. Sana still contemplates one day accepting ownership, while Rei prepares to go back to his normal life.



  • Miho Obana makes another brief appearance as a customer.