Suddenly One Day, I'm Homeless Sana!
Season 1, Episode 40
Kodocha 40
Air date January 10, 1997
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He Got Me Blacklisted!

Going back to Sana's situation, the Kurata household is invaded by repo-men, and Misako announces her bankruptcy. When pressed to explain by Rei, she says the bank she had most of her money invested in failed, and now they demand she pay her loan. Without the money, their home is seized, along with every single one of their possessions. The Kurata family is forced to become homeless.

With no ability to pay her, Shimura has to leave, and they go through a heartfelt goodbye. Sana, Misako, and Rei are forced to take refuge in a park, where despite the circumstances, Sana and Misako have high hopes. Onda suddenly runs at them, telling them he got them a temporary apartment. Forced the adapt to the cramped living conditions, they quickly get the neighbors angry, and have to live miserably. Everyone at her school, even Gomi, offers her charity, as well as at work with Zenjiro and Hiroshi. Naozumi suddenly appears to talk to her.

Naozumi comes over to their temporary home, where they hear Misako arguing with a cowboy-looking man, whom Sana feels looks familiar. Naozumi offers his charity, but Misako demands it be turned down. Rei looks for jobs for Sana, but fins that she is now being rejected by everyone, and the jobs she does have are being canceled.

Sana is on the way home from school with Akito and Tsuyoshi, when suddenly she runs back to her old home, saying she forgot something. The two come along, and search for her in the house. She was imitating a monkey, hoping to trick any collectors inside, when she goes to the freezer. There is the snowman Akito built, which she says she wants to say goodbye to. Akito suggests she take pictures, which she does, when suddenly the tax collector Heni barges in. Akito and Tsuyoshi distract him while Sana finishes up, and then they all leave together. Meanwhile, Rei realizes that now, Sana has no work besides Kodomo No Omecha, and no one will accept her now.



  • This is the first episode to use the second outro song, "DAIJO-BU" by Tomoko Hikita.