Sana Who Cannot Love Completely
Season 2, Episode 54
Kodocha 54
Air date April 18, 1997
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The Kiss That Ruined My Life-Plan
The Actress Goes to the Mountains to Shoot A Movie

Sana is preparing for a big school field trip to the zoo, and having Shimura get the food ready. Rei tries to get her attention for the big press conference they will soon be having, but she ignores him. She later talks to Misako about why Fuka would find Akito interesting, and Misako muses over her ignorance.

All of the school's classes go to the zoo, and everyone takes pictures. Tsuyoshi and Aya treat it as their honeymoon, and as such Akito is pushed away. Tsuyoshi still takes concern that Akito should spend more time with Sana, who spends most of her time now with Fuka. They play with the animals for some time, and all the while, the one with the bloody noses stalks them both. Tsuyoshi tries to convince Akito to talk to Sana.

He sits down to talk with her for awhile along with Tsuyoshi, as well as Zenjiro, who appears in a lion suit. Sana then forces Akito out after he steals her octopus sausage. During this time, the nose-bleed kid comes out to talk to Sana, revealing his name to be Ishida. They all leave after his nose bleeds again, and Tsuyoshi takes Sana alone into the woods, angry. He had become frustrated that Sana doesn't notice Akito's advancements, to which she replies that she doesn't understand love since breaking up with Rei.

Akito later drags her off into the woods himself, revealing a large, sparkling lake to her. They talk for a moment, about Sana's movies. Akito is now strangely supportive of her, and Sana fears Tsuyoshi had been telling the truth. She becomes angry again on the trip home after Hisae told Fuka that Sana and Akito held an ambiguous relationship bordering on the romantic. She goes to the press conference the next day with Naozumi, which all of her friends watch on T.V. at school. Fuka meanwhile looks at Akito in a strange way, while Naozumi is shown doing the same to Sana. The episode closes with a reflection on the now complected relationship web between the four.


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