Ryousuke Motodana
Ryousuke Kashima
Character information
Name in Japanese
Romaji translation
Gender Male
Hair color
Eye color
Family Misako Kurata (Ex-Wife)

Miyoko Moakoto (Girlfriend)


Ryousuke Motodana is the ex-husband of Misako Kurata. He is constantly begging for money from anyone he meets, and the Kurata family has seemingly prepared new, different ways to kick him out of the house every time he tries. He is also extremely incompetent and subservient, which is believed to be the reason why Misako took attraction to him in the first place.

While he is generally seen as being heavily selfish and greedy, at times he appears to care about more than money, such as when he gives a doll to Sana Kurata (though notably, it is a very cheap and ugly doll). Every time he may appear to be a good person, however, he foils his own plots and the characters discover he merely seeks to manipulate them for his own ends.

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