Pretend Boyfriend for Sushi
Season 2, Episode 57
Kodocha 57
Air date May 9, 1997
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Romance in the Mountains

Sana Is thinking of a letter to write to Fuka, but comes up with nothing special before having to send it. Naozumi passes by, and they stare at each other for awhile, but the scene suddenly changes to Akito and Fuka. It is revealed that Fuka only wants Akito to pretend to be her boyfriend; her old friends are in town, including Takaishi, and she wants to make him jealous. Akito initially refuses, but Fuka promises him all he can eat sushi, inciting him to immediately and enthusiastically accept.

All of Fuka's old friends arrive, and Akito is already annoyed by them. Takaishi also brought his own new girlfriend, Yuno Shizu, who speaks very little. Fuka has to micromanage everything Akito does, as he takes her words overly-literally in hopes of getting his sushi. Takaishi stares at Hayama, making him uncomfortable, and so he slaps him. Fuka scorns him, but only to specifically call him her boyfriend in front of Takaishi.

After shopping for awhile, they begin to argue where they want to eat at. Akito steps in and un-democratically chooses to eat at a burger restaurant. Everyone enjoys their food well enough, until the subject of Fuka and Takaishi is brought up. One of Fuka's friends mentions that he was devastated to learn she had a boyfriend last year, which was actually not true. Fuka angrily debunks the rumor immediately; that she had only been kissed in kindergarten, nothing more. Fuka and Takaishi realize then that they could have been together after all, but Fuka says it's too late now.

After eating, Takaishi's girlfriend Yuno talks to Fuka. She unexpectedly begs Fuka not to make advances on Takaishi, as she would be left alone if that happened. Fuka agrees, and when Takaishi approaches her later talking about them getting together, Fuka declares that they will not. Her friends leave afterwards, and Akito finally get awarded with his sushi. They receive the postcard from Sana, and Aya notes that it does not mention Akito. Akito had earlier observed that everyone seems aware of him liking Sana, except Sana herself. Meanwhile, in the mountains, Sana speculates what Akito is doing as she goes to bed.