Operation Eyeball, Toothball
Season 1, Episode 3
Kodocha 3
Air date April 19, 1996
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The Whole Classroom is a Monkey Mountain
Lone Wolf, Awooo!

Sana learns about Akito's weakness, a fear of heights, and tries to exploit it with a contest to determine who gets to have authority over the classroom. A bungee cord is fastened to the top of the gym, and both Akito and Sana must jump from it, and whoever screams the most loses. Sana assumed she would win as she enjoys heights, but screams extremely loud when she learns she fears falling.

Sana, now embarrassed and having totally lost control of the classroom, is on her last nerve. Tanaka breaks down and tells Sana why he cannot stop Hayama, due to his blackmail picture of him and Mitsuya making out. Sana is disgusted, but now even more determined to stop him.

While on a set with Zenjiro, Rei gives Sana the idea of getting and embarrassing picture of Hayama and blackmailing him in turn. Sana uses the idea and brings Tsuyoshi to help. While spying on Hayama, Sana and Tsuyoshi hear Hayama's sister yelling at him, telling him to get out of the house and calling him a devil. Despite his obvious distress, Sana takes no mercy and continues to follow him. She has Tsuyoshi pull down his pants while she takes a picture of him, and Hayama realizes what happened. The episode ends with Sana trying to get him to hand over the incriminating picture of the teachers.



  • This episode gives the first formal introductions to Aya and Onda by name.