My Exposed Secret
Season 2, Episode 72
Kodocha 72
Air date August 22, 1997
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The Unexpected Type of Mother
Stupid American & Child

Bernadette invites Sicil inside, getting her to calm down after the initial excitement. Quickly afterwards, however, Michelle arrives behind her, and begins yelling with a megaphone for her to come down. Sicil refuses, saying that she doesn't love her because she can't dance. She explains to the rest of them that she hurt herself while dancing five years before, and because dancing is so important to their family, she has been effectively disowned. Sana convinces Rei to negotiate with Michelle and Gary for her to stay there, and while he is successful, they tell him to guard her with his life.

Brad continues to stalk them, while they go about their daily errands. Naozumi begins to become concerned about his mother, and starts to think he should do something about seeing her. Sana encourages him, and he goes off to see her. Meanwhile, the man who had been seen before, who is apparently named Rick, is criticizing Naozumi's mother, Yuko, of manipulating her son. She forces him out as soon as Naozumi arrives, and pretends he had never been there. Naozumi said he hadn't cared about having a mother before, but now feels confused. Yuko tries to convince him to stay with her.

Sicil is being more formally enjoined into the household, and the whole group holds a party for her. Sicil shows more and more attachment to Naozumi, bordering on obsession. Brad, meanwhile, looks on at disgust as he watches them through the window. Naozumi is still feeling depressed about the situation with his mother, and confides with Sana about it. He begins to feel better about the whole situation overall.

Sicil goes out with Bernie to the burger shop he works at, and enjoys a very large hamburger while he works. Brad arrives unexpectedly, sitting with her in the booth. He says she must stop being so friendly with Naozumi, though she refuses to stop. At practice, Naozumi and Sana are suddenly confronted by Michelle. She unexpectedly allows them inside to train with everyone else, and while the training is rigorous, they are very happy to be receiving it. On the way home, Brad stops them, telling them once again to go home. When pressed as to why, he finally snaps; revealing that Sicil is actually Naozumi's half-sister. With the realization, despite him having been slowly developing a crush on Sicil as well, and the realization that this also means Gary Hamilton is his father, he runs out into traffic, collapsing in the street, crying.


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