Ms. Sasaki
Character information
Name in Japanese
Romaji translation
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Residence Sasaki Residence
Family Tsuyoshi Ohki (Son)

Ms. Sasaki, her first name unknown, is the mother of Aono Ohki and Tsuyoshi Ohki (later Aono and Tsuyoshi Sasaki), and ex-wife of Isao Ohki. She is very quiet and shares a number of physical traits with her son. Tsuyoshi is seen to care deeply for her, and becomes extremely defensive when she is made fun of.

She works at a supermarket downtown, and is shown to be extremely submissive on the job. She divorced Isao due to his quickness to rage, but didn't want the division to harm her children's relation with him. After Isao is arrested, and after much thought and contemplation, she allows Tsuyoshi to visit his father from jail. Outside of this, she is shown to pay close attention to her son.

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