Mr. Hayama, You're a Real Dad
Season 1, Episode 11
Kodocha 11
Air date June 14, 1996
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Love Flew Out the Window Like a Chicken!
This Time, Sana is the Lone Wolf

With the relationship now broken up, Sana and Rei assume a business-only relationship. Rei's focus now is being the best manager he can be, and completely fills Sana's schedule with commercial shoots, to Sana's disdain. Sana realizes she will have less and less time to spend with her friends, but is also happy to have something to do to keep her from thinking about her relationship with Rei.

Sana films her commercials with Zenjiro, who consistently gets hurt and is forced to reshoot painful scenes repeatedly while Sana finishes in one shot. Eventually Zenjiro quits, and Uchiyamada, another of the actors one Kodomo no Omocha, fills in. Eventually he has to quit too as he overeats in one particular commercial, but Sana finishes without a problem. After having a brief time to speak to Rei, Sana does something dramatic; she forces Rei unknowingly to Asako's house to meet with her, despite Rei saying he wouldn't see her again until Sana grew up. Sana has them mend their relationship, and then leaves alone while Rei and Asako share a kiss. Sana proclaims she will find someone better than Rei, showing she is still somewhat jealous.

On the way home, she runs into Fuyuki, Akito's father. Sana comments that he looks very skinny, to which he takes concern. She notices he has sushi, which he is bringing for Akito, as it is his favorite. Fuyuki says that when he says he doesn't hate something, that means he actually loves it. Sana realizes this is what Akito had said about her when she had asked why he had kissed her.

Later on, Fuyuki is eating dinner with his family, when he suddenly collapses in a puddle of his own blood. He is taken to the hospital, and Sana is called by Akito. She comes, despite speculating whether or not she should, and Akito and her talk. For the first time, Akito seems genuinely concerned, and he unexpectedly embraces her in his grief, as he fears his father is dying. The doctor calls them in and says it's just an ulcer, however, and that after it is fixed, he will just need to not work so hard. While leaving, Sana gives Akito a Burutcha, in case they have any more such emergencies. When she arrives home, Rei comes by to tell her she has even more work than before.



  • The music transition between the commercial breaks is now different.
  • Like Hisae earlier, Uchiyamada was commonly seen before being formally introduced.