Mother's Gleeful Practical Joke
Season 2, Episode 74
Kodocha 74
Air date September 5, 1997
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Stupid American & Child
Where in Manhattan is My Daughter?

Naozumi is now settling in with his mother Yuko, and is admitting now that he always wondered at who his parents were. Sana says she'll stand by him no matter what, and that they should continue being open with each other. Suddenly, Naozumi opens the door to see Gary Hamilton, who has come unexpectedly. They talk awkwardly for a few moments, Gary saying he appreciated his talent, and then he leaves. Yuko sees him leave, and suddenly bursts in to her home, asking what Gary told Naozumi. Naozumi says that he didn't tell him anything in particular, and that he will continue to stay with her. She secretly smiles, and revels in her victory of winning him over to her side.

Sana, meanwhile, comes across the man that Naozumi had seen before, Rick, and chases him down after practice. Upon capturing him, he takes her to the park, and reveals to her the truth about Yuko, and what she's doing, to Sana's amazement and bewilderment at her cruelty. Yuko later goes to Gary's office, and it is revealed that she left him because she got turned down for a role in a large play. She now says that if she does not get a lead role in the biggest play on Broadway, she will make Naozumi leave his play. He gives in to the demands, under the condition that she never speak to Naozumi again.

Sana has difficulty believing Rick, and ponders whether or not she should over time. Meanwhile, at the house, Rei does not notice as Sicil, who still thinks about what Sana said to her, slips out of the house once again. Meanwhile, Yuko comes home, revealing that she will be in a major play. She immediately sets out to plan a party, under the full support of Naozumi.

The party happens, with Rick, despite his prejudices, serving the pizza. At first, everyone sucks up to her, but suddenly, one of the guests questions who'd hire her, and how she got the role despite displaying little talent. She doesn't tell it was Gary, and soon everyone is rallying against her, saying she's a fraud. She kicks everyone out, as Gary arrives. Meanwhile, Sana comes to realize that Rick was not lying, and sets out to her house. Naozumi says he'll keeps supporting her, but suddenly, Sana comes through the door, demanding to talk to Yuko alone.


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