Mikio Ono is a famous director of horror films who casts Sana and Naozumi in a particular film of his, Mizu no Yakata. He is very dark and depressing, but otherwise organized and sensible. He has a strong yet inexplicable sense of the emotion of acting and film-making, but this can cause him to send his actors to do dangerous stunts just to get the mood right. Rei strongly dislikes him for this.

After long months of filming, the movie they are working on is completed, though not before great difficulties had occurred during the filming. Rei had hoped Sana would never have to work with him again due to her being badly injured on the set, and nearly dying in the final scene of filming. However, jobs dry up badly upon her return due to a controversy occurring in another drama, the first drama of which she gets kicked off of. Mikio Ono eventually stretches out his hand to provide more work, causing Rei to like him.