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Miho Obana (小花 美穂 Obana Miho, born April 26, 1970) is a Japanese manga artist, best known for her series, Kodocha.


Early careerEdit

She began her manga career as an assistant to Momoko Sakura, creator of Chibi Maruko-chan. She debuted in 1990 with the (one-shot manga) Mado no Mukō, which was published in the autumn 1990 issue of Ribon Bikkuri. Soon, stories from her started appearing in Ribon Original and in the regular Ribon magazine too.

Obana began writing and illustrating Kodocha in 1994, which ran in Ribon until 1999. She also, published a side story to the series in 1999 titled, Mizu no Yakata. In 1996, the series was adapted into an anime that ended before the manga was completed. An OVA was also, adapted from it in 1995 shown at that year's Ribon Festival.

Shortly after Kodocha, Obana began writing Partner. The series is notable for being much more darker than, Obana's old work. It ran until October 2000 with a total of three volumes.

In 2001, Obana started Andante, which ran for three volumes and ended in 2002. A one-volume manga, Pochi was released in 2003.

Recent worksEdit

Obana's most recent series, Honey Bitter began in 2004 with seven volumes so far. A cross-over between Honey Bitter and Kodocha was released in 2010, and titled Deep Clear

Published worksEdit

  • Shiranami no Gensō (1992)
  • Setsunai ne (1993)
  • Kono te wo Hanasanai (1994)
  • Kodocha (1994-1999)
  • Neko no Shima (1996)
  • Mizu no Yakata (1999; side story of Kodocha)
  • Partner (1999-2000
  • Andante (2001-2002)
  • Pochi (2003)
  • Honey Bitter (2004-present)
  • Deep Clear (2010; crossover of Kodocha and Honey Bitter)