Math Mess
Season 1, Episode 24
Kodocha 24
Air date September 13, 1996
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Sunny, With Occasional Disappearing
A Bandage for a Broken Heart

On the way to school, Sana meets some junior high girls who want an autograph. She starts thinking about what next year will be like, when suddenly Mitsuya comes in with bad news. Due to the class being far behind the others, they will be forced to take a test in order to pass the grade. The test was formulated by Sumirei Ando, who is convinced it will be for the greater good. She, in her usual ultra-strict manner, gives them only 3 days to prepare, while the principal, who is away on a business trip, is totally unaware.

Sana begins studying extremely hard, but finds she simply cannot learn. Hayama is of no help, claiming she will never learn the material, and will be forced to either be held back or have to go to public school. Meanwhile, he is forming a plan. Taking out a photo he's held onto, he goes up to Tanaka and threatens him with it.

Tsuyoshi finds out about Hayama blackmailing the teachers again, and tells Sana. She becomes absolutely furious, and chases down Hayama immediately, ignoring her normal sentiments against violence. In the school, Mitsuya and Tanaka are thinking about how they can keep the picture out of Ando's hands, and she hears them and starts asking about what they were talking about. She then hears Sana yelling about it to Hayama as she chases him, and ambushes both of them to get the picture.

Tanaka intervenes to prevent her from getting the picture, and starts talking about the test. He says they shouldn't give the test, as it will not help the students. Ando realizes this is a good point, but wants to maintain her stance. The students start begging for her to change her mind, as they want Sana to stay with them. Ando realizes she's become the bad-guy teacher she never wanted to be, and decides to call off the test. Despite her turning a new leaf, her interest is piqued when she hears about the picture again. Hayama simply hands it to her, and it's actually a picture of her limbo dancing. Inspired by it, she begins limbo dancing herself, and the principal arrives early to this scene.