Look Out! It's a Pint-Sized Akito
Season 1, Episode 21
Kodocha 21
Air date August 23, 1996
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Karate Heart, Quitting Blues

While working, Sana is invited to visit the acting school she went to when she was young, Kamura Academy, by Naozumi. She and Rei get off work by handing over their job to Zenjiro, and Sana heads off. Despite the very rough ride there, they both arrive to a very warm greeting.

All of the kids are extremely excited to see Sana and Naozumi, and three particular children even dedicate their talent into becoming just like Sana. However, there is one particular child who is constantly bad and even hurts the other children, who reminds Sana very much of Hayama. Sana learns that Naozumi was always a cry-baby at Kamura, but that he always looked up to her. While she is putting on a show for the kids, the bad child, Kou, shoots fireworks into the crowd, prompting the children to retaliate, only to get hit by him. Sana is infuriated with him now.

Sana gets Rei on the phone and orders him to come as quickly as possible with things she needs. Hayama and Tsuyoshi hitch a ride as well, despite Rei's telling them not to. When they get there, Sana challenges Kou to a bungee jump due from the highest tree on the property, and Hayama, whom she fails to notice, calls her a fool. As expected, she screams all the way down, and Kou simply walks away. Next, She removes his pants and takes a picture to try to embarrass him, but he has no shame, and does not care what she does with the picture. Hayama comes down, and Sana finally notices he came. He stands off with the boy, and just hits him in the head and tells him to say something if he wants to say it. He runs off and light fireworks, which from above welcome Sana to the Academy.

As the night closes, they have a beach-side party. Sana wishes every day could be like this, and while alone with Hayama, talks about quitting her job, to Hayama's surprise.



  • This episode is the first to move from the old commercial-break transition into the ones with riddles.

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