A Bandage for a Broken HeartA Fruit Juice Soaked First KissA Snake Came Slithering in Muddy Shoes
Adult love can waitAge Difference, Shmage DifferenceAkito Hayama
Am I Wrong?And Then The Pair Say GoodbyeAono Ohki
Asako KurumiAsako Kurumi... Rival in Love!Aya Sugita
Ayano Hanamaru Koji TomomiAyumeBabbit
Back togetherBecoming Aware of Love After Being JiltedBittersweet Valentine's Day
Bosurou BosudeBradBurutcha
Cecil HamiltonCome check out the good karate clubCrazy Stew Family Crisis
Daddy, You're Busted!Dangerous Feelings at LunchtimeDaughter Cries, Mother Cries
Deep ClearDisappearance of the blackboard erasersDon't Believe in Rumours
Double Double Sana's Love TroubleEriEvery Chicken Has Its Day
Everything Is Clearer When You Can't SeeFather, You Were My FatherFight For It or End It?
Fuka MatsuiFuyuki HayamaGetting Past an Injury
Gomi, Gomi, Where are you Going?Goodbye Yesterday, Hello TomorrowHachitaro Okegawa
Hallelujah on X-mas Eve? My heart...Haya-Moths/Ooga Booga BooHayama's mother is Mecha-Hayama
He Got Me Blacklisted!Hello, Goodbye, My LoveHere She Comes, Mama's Mama
Hiroshi UchiyamadaHisae KamayaiI'm an Elementary School Student with an Agent
I Made a New Friend in the BathroomI Won't Cry After Being JiltedInu
Isao OhkiKarate Heart, Quitting BluesKarate and Trumpet Compete for a Kiss
Kazuyuki KomoriKeiko SakaiKodocha
Kodocha (OVA)Kodocha WikiKodocha continues through thick & thin
Kodocha rises from the deadKoharu HayamaKorusuke
KouList of Kodocha chaptersList of Kodocha episodes
Lone Wolf, Awooo!Look Out! It's a Pint-Sized Akito!Love Flew Out the Window Like a Chicken!
Love Tastes Like CurryLove design by my sisterMaeda
Mami SuzukiMamoMariko Sakai
MaroMath MessMayu Tobita
Miho ObanaMikaMikio Ono
Misako KurataMitsuyaMizu no Yakata
Morio TanakaMother's Book of SurprisesMother's Gleeful Practical Joke
Mr. Hayama, You're a Real DadMr. SakaiMs. Sasaki
My Exposed SecretMy Name's Going to ChangeNaozumi Kamura
Natsumi HayamaNot a simple math videoOne More Song 3-2-1
Operation Eyeball, ToothballPapa, You're BadPerhaps They Are the Best Couple
Piiko HishoyamaPity Me and Cough Up Some DoughPretend Boyfriend for Sushi
Principal KamuraPrincipal NarunaruReally, Really Seriously Really
Rei SagamiRei and the Jolly Green-Eyed MonsterRiddles of Passing into Society
Romance in the MountainsRumiRun Away, Run Away, Over the Ocean
Ryousuke MotodanaSakuraiSana's Super Happy Quiz Show
Sana KurataSana Who Cannot Love CompletelySanekichi Higashiyamoto
Sari HayamaSeiichi TadokoroSengoku
ShimuraShinichi GomiShinichi Koroshiya
Shiori DaiichiShould We Go Home? Or Not?So This Kind of Day Has Come
Stupid American & ChildSuddenly One Day, I'm Homeless Sana!Suji
Sumirei AndoSunny, With Occasional DisappearingSuspense in New York
Take Me To Kusatsu!Takeshi GojoTakezo Onda
The Actress Goes to the Mountains to Shoot A MovieThe Deadline's Here!The Father Who's Unable to Be A Father
The Final SceneThe First & Last Mother/Son BattleThe Kiss That Ruined My Life-Plan
The Line that Couldn't Be SpokenThe Manager TroubleThe Promised Summer, Part 1
The Promised Summer, Part 2The Romantic Love Song of Mr. HayamaThe Special Christmas Kiss
The Truth is ThereThe Unexpected Type of MotherThe Whole Classroom is a Monkey Mountain
The lending-money-happily schemeThe same name appearsThe trio disappeared together
There's a Reason for the GiftThis Summer's Constant FlamesThis Time, Sana is the Lone Wolf
Three, Two, One: Sing!Through the Tears, Spring ComesTsuyoshi Ohki
Two Hungry People Playing Hide and SeekTwo Pounding HeartsUnder the Same Roof with You
Visit from a fan at the beginning of the New YearWe Got Along Great AfterwardsWhere are You Going Mr. Dark and Gloomy?
Where in Manhattan is My Daughter?You Also Have Emerald EyesYui
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File:Kodocha 53.pngFile:Kodocha 54.pngFile:Kodocha 55.png
File:Kodocha 56.pngFile:Kodocha 57.pngFile:Kodocha 58.png
File:Kodocha 59.pngFile:Kodocha 6.pngFile:Kodocha 60.png
File:Kodocha 61.pngFile:Kodocha 62.pngFile:Kodocha 63.png
File:Kodocha 64.pngFile:Kodocha 65.pngFile:Kodocha 66.png
File:Kodocha 67.pngFile:Kodocha 68.pngFile:Kodocha 69.png
File:Kodocha 7.pngFile:Kodocha 70.pngFile:Kodocha 71.png
File:Kodocha 72.pngFile:Kodocha 73.pngFile:Kodocha 74.png
File:Kodocha 75.pngFile:Kodocha 76.pngFile:Kodocha 77.png
File:Kodocha 78.pngFile:Kodocha 79.pngFile:Kodocha 8.png
File:Kodocha 80.pngFile:Kodocha 81.pngFile:Kodocha 82.png
File:Kodocha 83.pngFile:Kodocha 84.pngFile:Kodocha 85.png
File:Kodocha 86.pngFile:Kodocha 87.pngFile:Kodocha 88.png
File:Kodocha 89.pngFile:Kodocha 9.pngFile:Kodocha 90A.png
File:Kodocha 90B.pngFile:Kodocha 91.pngFile:Kodocha 92.png
File:Kodocha 93.pngFile:Kodocha 94.pngFile:Kodocha 95.png
File:Kodocha 96.pngFile:Kodocha 97.pngFile:Kodocha 98.png
File:Kodocha 99.pngFile:Kodocha Boys.pngFile:Kodocha Brad.jpg
File:Kodocha e-5.pngFile:Kodochahammersana1.pngFile:Koharu.png
File:Mamo.pngFile:Maro.pngFile:Mayu Tobita.png
File:Mika.pngFile:Mikio Ono.pngFile:Misako.jpg
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