Karate and Trumpet Compete for a Kiss
Season 1, Episode 37
Kodocha 37
Air date December 13, 1996
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Take Me To Kusatsu!
The Special Christmas Kiss

It is nearing Christmas Eve, and with it, the middle-birthday of Sana and Akito. Sana prepares while Rei revels in his date scheduled on the day with Asako. Later on at work, Sana learns she has another job with Naozumi, which adds to her excitement. She invites everyone at school, even Gomi, to her party, which she intends to be a big event. However, Sana struggles to think of a present to give Akito.

Naozumi, meanwhile, becomes jealous when he learns of Sana's plans. He shows he, in fact, does desire her as his girlfriend, and is willing to fight Akito for her. By chance, he sees him while he is browsing with Tsuyoshi for a gift, and he gets out of the car. He says that Sana will call off the celebrations and date her, inciting Akito to become angry. When Tsuyoshi insult's Naozumi's trumpet, he and Akito fight the unlikely battle of karate vs. trumpet to determine which is better. It is broken up by a police officer due to their blocking a street, but Naozumi leaves saying that he will kiss Sana.

Sana is angry to learn about the kissing scene, which Rei did not find out about until later due to his distractedness. He asks the director, an American named Sam, to change it, but he refuses. Sana accepts that she will have to do it for her job, and convinces herself she will not be bothered. Word gets around about the kissing scene, and Sana's friends note Hayama's jealousy to it, as well as Sana's ignorance to the reasons that he is jealous.

Filming begins for the commercial, and Sana and Naozumi prepare for the scene. As Naozumi leans in for the kiss however, Sana freaks out and runs away, prompting the film crew to try to chase her down. Sam, thinking he misunderstood something about Japanese culture, asks if Japanese people don't like kissing on the cheek. Sana realizes the miscommunication, and goes through with the commercial. She tells Hayama about it afterwards, to which he is secretly relieved, but refuses to show it. Naozumi, meanwhile, believes he has taken the first steps towards a relationship with Sana.