Karate Heart, Quitting Blues
Season 1, Episode 22
Kodocha 22
Air date August 30, 1996
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Sunny, With Occasional Disappearing

Sana and Rei are playing old maid to determine whether or not Sana will take on new jobs. Sana wants to quit working, at least temporarily, while Rei says she should do even more work. Sana wins, and Rei feels as though he is totally worthless. Sana holds a barbecue with Aya and Hisae, and talk about Hayama's new activity of karate.

At Akito's home, he is thoroughly convinced he wants to take karate, and convinces Fuyuki to pay for him. He has difficulty getting used to it however, and as usually, dislikes his sensei for being an authority figure. He is about to quit, when the sensei convinces him otherwise, bringing up that woman's karate is some of the best in the world, while men are weak worldwide. He continues with lessons, but gets mad when Tsuyoshi, Aya, Hisae, and Sana come to cheer for him.

Sana is becoming progressively more and more frustrated about work, and becomes very angry when made to go to a shooting of Kodomo no Omecha. After snapping at work and attacking Zenjiro, she declares her desire to quit acting altogether. Rei is devastated now, and worries he will be made to leave and be homeless again. Meanwhile, Hayama becomes much more respectful before, but tries too hard to progress beyond his limit in karate, hurting his hand in the process.

Sana goes for a walk, enjoying her new freedom without work. She meets Hayama while out, and asks him why he suddenly started karate. He admits he admired her in the play, and wanted to do something of his own. Sana, having never thought of it that way, goes home rethinking her decision. Tsuyoshi, Hisae, and Aya are all at her home listening to Rei reminisce of her old jobs, and are all upset to hear of her quitting. She says she's changed her mind, and will not quit. Everyone is happy, and Naozumi, who received the news late, begs her not to quit as well. Once he is told the news, everything is expected to go back to normal.