I Won't Cry After Being Jilted
Season 2, Episode 61
Kodocha 61
Air date June 6, 1997
Episode guide
Becoming Aware of Love After Being Jilted
This Summer's Constant Flames

Sana is still very depressed with the knowledge of Akito going out with Fuka. Rei tries to cheer her up, but he only succeeds in making it worse. Mikio says that he will film all scenes that she is not in first, but that she must be present soon. Rei thinks of what he could possibly do, and then makes a phone call.

Misako appears from a helicopter the next day, and Onda has managed to drag himself along. She gives gifts to the whole cast and crew before visiting Sana. She finally is glad to see someone, and cries as she tries to explain what's been happening to her. Misako assumes she's upset about something else, and as such is at first rather cruel, but she gives her gifts of food and a journal nonetheless. Sana begins to write in it, coming to terms with the complex love-web she's caught in.

Misako remains overnight, Sana learns as she accidentally wakes her up. Sana goes for a walk outside, and meets Naozumi. She now feels greatly refreshed, believing her problems to be much smaller now. She says directly that she appreciated Naozumi's honesty in admitting his love, but that she can't date him, as she can only date someone she loves. Naozumi is hurt by her brutal honesty, but says he will learn from her the way she does things. Meanwhile, Misako misleads Onda once again with a fake manuscript, before going out and taking Sana into her helicopter.

She offers to take Sana home if she wants, ans she begins to think about it. She mentions that there is supposed to be a scene of her walking out of the burning mansion, and Misako almost crashes the helicopter in anger. However, she calms down, and Sana decides to stay to finish the movie. The scene is prepped, and night falls as everyone prepares Sana for the potentially dangerous scene. As they begin to film, and the house is burning however, Sana does not exit.


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