He Got Me Blacklisted!
Season 1, Episode 41
Kodocha 41
Air date January 17, 1997
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Suddenly One Day, I'm Homeless Sana!
The Deadline's Here!

Rei continues to look for work for Sana, but is left empty handed every time. More and more of her jobs are cancelled, until finally, Kodomo No Omecha is cancelled too, and with it a trip to Hawaii. Sana becomes very depressed, and food at home begins to dwindle. Rei searches for a reason why the jobs are cancelled from the producer Tsu, who produces a number of things Sana has been in. He refuses to answer, and slips away.

Rei is eventually approached by the man in sunglasses from the apartment, who reveals his name to be Ajihu. He is working for a large corporation who desires to hire Sana on, in exchange for signing a contract saying she will work for no other, and that Rei promptly leave. Rei refuses, to which Ajihu smirks off. Eventually, he comes to learn the truth; Ajihu and his corporation have bought off all producers and directors to blacklist Sana. Ajihu suddenly approaches Sana, and convinces her to come with him on her way home from school.

Sana is brought to meet Ajihu's boss, Moyan, in his corporate tower. He tells her they have met before, when she accidentally walked into him on set. He offered her a job then, which she turned down, but is now re-extending the offer due to her situation. She considers it, but doesn't want to lose Rei. Moyan suggests that it would be better to get rid of him, as he is not trying hard enough. Sana becomes unsure, and goes home to think about it.

Rei comes home after begging for more jobs for Sana, but sees there's no way out. He says they may not be able to go on like this, prompting Sana to angrily tell him he isn't useful anymore. She fires him and forces him out, ready now to accept Moyan's offer. Zenjiro suddenly comes by, who tells him Moyan is a snake, and that he may have blacklisted her. Now very angry, she and Zenjiro go to fight Ajihu and Moyan, and force them to give up their plot. Sana reunites with Rei, and they get a job from Tsu. While on the set, Sana sees a man who invokes a strange feeling in her.