Gomi, Gomi, Where are you Going?
Season 1, Episode 44
Kodocha 44
Air date February 7, 1997
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Age Difference, Shmage Difference
Bittersweet Valentine's Day

Gomi is still struggling to come to terms with what he had his bullies do with Akito, while Akito is still in great pain due to the incident. He tries to avoid revealing his scars to his family, and Natsumi becomes suspicious. Meanwhile, things have leveled off with Sana's relationship with Wootsi, but she learns that Hisae is greatly jealous of her relationship.

Gomi is made to tutor in order to get in to the upper-level middle school, and the tutor he gets cruelly suggests he doesn't have what it takes. Wanting to escape this torrent of difficulty, he seeks his friends, Yasuda and Itomisu. However, the bullies expand their action and start intimidating them, so Gomi runs off into the city. He sees the same spray pistols they once used against their teacher at the beginning of the year, but he realizes he doesn't have the money. He instead steals them, prompting the store manager to chase him. He runs into Akito, and the manager captures him instead of Gomi.

Hayama's family is notified that he was believed to have been stealing, prompting them to meet with the principal on the matter of if he will continue to middle school. Sumirei is strongly against it, while both Mitsuya and the principal vouch for him. They take time in making their deliberation, during which Gomi is talking with his friends. He learns about what's happening to Hayama, and immediately feels guilty. He tries to go to him to apologize, but Sana had knocked him out of view when questioning him herself.

Gomi goes to the phone-booth to call his father, and admits what he'd done. He brings him to apologize to the Hayama family, and all charges are expunged. Hayama nearly learns it was Gomi who had helped beat him up, but it is unknown if he really figures it out. His father says he may go to Sanbo now, with everyone else. Later on, the bullies surround Akito. Gomi steps in to defend him, and together they fend them off with water pistols, along with intervention by Sana and Sumirei, and they are presumably chased away for good. Takeshi is then seen, suffering extreme pain. He falls to the ground, and the episode ends.