Fuyuki Hayama
Character information
Name in Japanese
Romaji translation
Gender Male
Hair color
Eye color
Residence Hayama
Family Koharu Hayama (wife)

Natsumi Hayama (daughter) Akito Hayama (Son)


Fuyuki Hayama is the father of the main character, Akito Hayama. At the start of the series he seem to care very little for Akito, this might be because he blames Akito for his wifes death. But later on he forgives Akito and acts more fatherly towards him.


He first appeared in the anime and manga when Sana and Tsuyoshi was spying on Akito, Natsumi was shouting at Akito causing him to go outside and punching a light bulb with blood on his hand, he was walking home from work ignoring Akito completely. He often talks to the TV when Sana is on it, saying "Sana-chan, come over soon, okay?" It is shown that he sees Sana as a great wife for Akito.

Apearance and traitsEdit

He is shown to be quite skinney at the start but gain a little more weight later on. He has tidy Black hair and have three strand of hair parted to his right. At work he wears a blue suit with grey tie but at home he wears greyish kimono.

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