Father, You Were My Father
Season 1, Episode 48
Kodocha 48
Air date March 7, 1997
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When Misako first learns that Takeshi Gojo is Sana's father, she is at first skeptical. Kurosaki takes her to his own place to give her proof, however, and indeed the evidence is compelling. After leaving, she contacts the one person who would know for sure, Keiko Sakai, Sana's birth mother. Rei watched suspiciously as this all happens, but is distracted by his managerial duties. There is great excitement for Takeshi and Sana's roles to be made more important now, though Takeshi seems strangely ill.

Keiko says it's indeed true, that Takeshi left her without a word many years before, leading up to her dropping Sana off in the park after she was born. Sana suddenly brings Takeshi to their home, and he and Misako meet for the first time. Sana says he should stay at their house until he is fully back to health, and Misako considers her decision.

Misako allows him to stay, to Rei's dismay, though she still ponders how to eventually tell Sana the truth about him. The next day, Sana films an episode of Kodomo no Omecha at the hospital, which she happened also to get Takeshi an appointment at. The doctor checks him, and then asks for Sana's phone number as she leaves. After they are gone, however, his face becomes very serious.

The doctor calls Misako, who comes to his office. He tells her that he has only one month to live. She is stunned by the news, and has no idea how to tell anyone. She does, however, warn Rei off as he plots to get Takeshi kicked out of the house. Sana and Takeshi do filming out in the rain, but he suddenly falls down. They think he simply fell by accident, but they realize he's not getting up. He is transported to an ambulance.