Every Chicken Has Its Day
Season 1, Episode 26
Kodocha 26
Air date September 27, 1996
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A Bandage for a Broken Heart
Pity Me and Cough Up Some Dough

Tsuyoshi comes to school extremely tired, and passes out while talking to Aya. She takes him to the clinic, and he wakes up, mentioning he is still getting no sleep. In the classroom, the kids are arguing over their classroom duties, but Sana backs down when she hears Tsuyoshi is sick. She tries to leave to see him, but Hayama continually stops her. He walks into the room after talking to Aya about how he didn't want Sana to know something, when the other class-members call Tsuyoshi out for having a chicken crowing in his apartment. Sana learns this was the chick she gave Aono, and immediately feels guilty.

They go to Tsuyoshi's house, to see the chicken now fully grown. Hayama insists they kill and eat it, to Tsuyoshi's anger and frustration. Aono comes home, and goes straight to see the chicken. Tsuyoshi finally says that they need to get rid of it, and Aono is immediately resistant. However, Sana offers to take the chicken and let her see it on occasion, which she happily accepts.

Sana descides to keep the chicken in the indoor yard, and for the occasion, Misako actually does her work for Onda. When everyone is going to sleep however, the rooster crows all night, and Misako goes mad. Sana goes to school the next day extremely tired, while Rei gets stuck with the chicken all day. When Sana goes to do Kodomo no Omecha, Sana tries to pass it off to Zenjiro through an on-the-spot arranged marriage between him and the chicken.

Failing to pass it off, the Kurata family suffers with the chicken. Finally Sana takes the chicken and runs off, due to Misako and Rei both trying to kill it. Aya, however, manages to find it a good home, and goes to Sana's house to tell her. Misako tells Rei, who tells Sana, who brings the chicken over. The chicken will now live at the school's pen, and nobody will be forced to suffer with it now.



  • Another reference to the writer Miho Obana is made, saying she's in class 1 and lives in Tsuyoshi's apartment block.

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