Deep Clear is a spin-off of both Kodocha, and Honey Bitter, both written by that same author, Miho Obana. This centers around Sana working as an actress in the future at age 26. Sana is working on a show that requires her to act as a detective, leading her to go the detective agency in honey bitter.  

It is shown that Akito and Sana are married and are expecting a child. Akito and Sana are having relationship problems because Akito says that if is she wants to keep the baby then its better to get a divorce. She asked Shuri for help in gathering info on how to be a detective, but Sana's manager requested a case. He wants to look into Akito and Sana's relationship because Rei thinks that Akito is being unfaithful. Shuri plays a very important role in helping reconnect Sana and Akito and name their daughter after her as gratitude. 


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