Dangerous Feelings at Lunchtime
Season 2, Episode 70
Kodocha 70
Air date August 8, 1997
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You Also Have Emerald Eyes
The Unexpected Type of Mother

Sana, Rei, and Naozumi get settled in their hotel, where they hope they will be safe from further threat. However, Naozumi believes still that the people targeting them are after him specifically, and comes out and talks about the man he met. Sana convinces him to stay after he says he thinks he along should leave, and they decide to continue on. Later, as they go to practice, Naozumi sees the man again while Sana and Rei talk. He asks about being targeted, but before he can get an answer, he leaves again as Rei comes rushing to him, ruining their chances.

They get into practice while Rei searches for apartments, and as usual, they are pushed away from everyone else. They go in the back to practice their lines, but as they quickly memorize them, they end up performing the whole dance, unaware that Michelle and Scott were watching the whole time. Meanwhile, it is revealed that Ramsey is Brad's mother, and that she wants to leave working for the Hamiltons as soon as possible. Cecil suddenly goes missing, and everyone searches for her around the house.

As Sana and Naozumi leave practice, they suddenly meet Cecil, who had been driven near to tears in learning Naozumi had left. Now, she says she will not go back, and plans to stay with him. Brad suddenly shows up and grabs her by the arm, telling her she needs to come back home. She kicks and screams that she wants to be with Naozumi, but Brad ignores her and forces her back home.

The next day at practice, the day is essentially the same as the last; they get sent to the back to practice. They perform their dance again, but this time, Brad is the one to see them do it. He asks them to come to the roof with him, responding that he wants to get to know them better to Sana's suspicion. They go up, but are suddenly grabbed by the other two boys who worked with Brad. Meanwhile, Gary Hamilton suddenly arrives at the studio, and meets with his wife. He is concerned that his wife may have already ran Sana and Naozumi off, but he hears the struggle on the roof, and runs up to see. He pulls Brad off of Naozumi, whom he was threatening to throw off the roof. Away from all of this, a woman checks into the hotel they'd been staying at, claiming to be Naozumi's mother. On top of this, Rei suddenly runs into a towering cross-dresser, who asks if he's looking for an apartment.


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