Becoming Aware of Love After Being Jilted
Season 2, Episode 60
Kodocha 60
Air date May 30, 1997
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Getting Past an Injury
I Won't Cry After Being Jilted

In her free time, Sana writes Akito a letter about what's been going on, though leaves out parts of her injury. She hides who she's writing to, and Rei just assumes it's to Misako. The filming continues, and they are reaching the end, but they've recently been having trouble with a line. Mikio insists there's something wrong with the line where she tells the character Naozumi plays that she loves him. He asks her what love is to her, but she can't think of an answer.

Sana completes her letter, but decides to tell the bad parts of her being there. She seals it and gives it to Rei to deliver, but he says to give it to Maeda when she gets the chance. Asako then comes up and gives Sana a phone, saying it's the director's, and that she can call anywhere with it. Rei and Asako eavesdrop as she, surprisingly to them, calls Akito. They talk for awhile, until they get to the topic of what Akito was going to tell her. He says that doesn't matter now. Then he tells her something else, but we can't hear it. She goes stiff and hangs up the phone. Rei circles around her and sees her eyes, too, have gone blank. In her head, we can hear what Akito said; the he's with Fuka now.

Akito is shown to now have accepted Fuka as his girlfriend. However, she doesn't understand the way he does or says things yet. Up on the hill, they begin filming the same scene again, but Sana finds that she cannot speak. She suddenly crouches on the ground, and everyone assumes it is because of the pain. Mikio dismisses her, saying she's useless in her current condition, and that he wants her to be doing her best.

Asako takes her into her cabin to take care of her, and Naozumi demands to see her. At first he is belligerent, as he learns Akito said something, and that this hurt her. They ask if she was in love with Akito, to which she denies profusely. As they continue to question her, Asako eventually forces them out. While alone, she talks to her about Akito. Through her, Sana comes to realize that she does indeed love Hayama, despite that he's not her ideal type. She becomes extremely depressed, as she'd still been holding on to Akito saying that she could cry on him if she needed to. That night, she walks out alone, and cries to herself. Naozumi shows up, who is crying too. He says he's crying because she is, and he embraces her. She apologizes for everything she'd caused him, and they cry together.