Character information
Name in Japanese
Romaji translation
Gender Male
Age 13 (Start of manga and anime)
Born Unknown
Hair color White
Eye color Green
Occupations Commentary
Residence Unknown
Family Other Babbits

Babbit is a cross between a rabbit and a bat. 

He is the anime's mascot and didn't appear in the manga. He provides commentary and sometimes insight on what happens during episodes by breaking the fourth wall.


Babbit, as nothing but a comic-relief mascot, doesn't have any known past of background.

Physical appearanceEdit

He is white with a large head and a pink heart on his chest. He has blue bat wings and long rabbit ears. On some occasions, usually when he's surprised, it's shown that Babbit's eyes are green.

Personality and traitsEdit

He often makes stupid comments, teasing the characters, like Akito, although the characters don't react to him often. He likes the mood to be lighthearted, he became very depressed after Take died because he couldn't find any moments to make jokes.


Multiple Babbits may show up in an episode depending on what is being commented on. They may wear a variety of costumes, comment on a character's actions, and even interact with them.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Babbit doesn't play as large a role in the manga as much as he does in the anime. In the anime Babbit introduces the title of every episodes and presents that week's photo of Sana. He also appears on Sana's Burutcha Buzzer, and several other objects throughout the series.


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