Asako Kurumi
Character information
Name in Japanese
Romaji translation Kurumi Asako
Gender Female
Born May 20th
Hair color Red
Eye color Brown
Occupations Actress
Relationships Rei Sagami (Boyfriend)

Asako Kurumi is an up-and-coming actress and girlfriend of Rei Sagami.

Love interest Edit

Asako is Rei Sagami's love interest. She used to know Rei in college and was actually his girlfriend but all that was gone when Asako went off to act and broke up with Rei.

They eventually got back together, then broke up. But finally in the end they made up and got together again.

Appearance Edit

Asako has light, short strawberry blonde which sometimes look ginger. She has innocent brown eyes which always seem to shine when placed on Rei. Asako has delicate, fragile features which causes her to look beautiful and elegant. She has many people loving her.

Career Edit

Asako Kurumi is a very talented actress, loved by all her thousands of fans, who has been on many films and t.v shows.

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