Am I Wrong?
Season 1, Episode 46
Kodocha 46
Air date February 21, 1997
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Bittersweet Valentine's Day
Under the Same Roof with You

Sana's book finally is released, and Sana goes out to sign many copies. The next day, she, Hisae, and Aya are all interviewed by Zenjiro about it, but Sana sees that Mami is sulking away. She realizes she left out all mention of her in her book, and that she now feels greatly left out. She considers apologizing, but she realizes that in doing so, and writing a new book about what happened, she'd be forced to release Akito's past, and paint him in a bad light.

Takeshi gets reservations at a French restaurant for that night, which excites Sana greatly. She, however, is still burdened by guilt. Mami had helped encourage her to write the novel while she had done so, and been excited to read it. Akito and Tsuyoshi, however, are also troubled in what damage revealing the past could do. Tsuyoshi informs Sana's friends, and Sana still wonders if she should bring it up to Mami. She decides not to at the time, and continues on with her night.

At the restaurant, Sana enjoys time with Takeshi, and learns he is going to a shoot in the mountains. She is still concerned about what to do about Mami, but feels like she's never felt while she is with Takeshi. When she comes home, she is reluctant to go inside, and Rei notes she is very depressed when he goes out to her. The next day, she decides to skip school, and goes to the trains station.

She meets Takeshi there, and goes with him to his shoot. They play in the snow together, and then Sana spends time in a cabin while he works. He comes back with supplies for staying there a long time, but Sana suddenly changes her mind, saying she wants to go home. Takeshi is glad for her, in that she got over her disconnect with reality on her own, unlike him. He reveals he had tickets for her the whole time, and she gets back home. With the money they have earned on the book, Misako reveals they will be able to get a very large house, and Rei gets his car back. Sana meets Mami on the way to school, and they apologize profusely to each other for the trouble they'd caused. Suddenly, the next day, Sana wakes up to the apartment being destroyed.


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