Age Difference, Shmage Difference
Season 1, Episode 43
Kodocha 43
Air date January 31, 1997
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The Deadline's Here!
Gomi, Gomi, Where are you Going?

After waking up in Wootsi's bedroom, Sana is surprised and confused. Trying to get away and believing that he had slept with her, he explains what happened, and she begins to calm down. They afterwards go out and eat, where Ajihu takes pictures of them in order to slander her. She gets home to Misako being worried, but realizes soon that she has attracted a large crowd of reporters. They believe Wootsi is her father, which she denies and says he's her lover.

At work the next day, The two meet, and Wootsi mentions seeing the broadcast. She does not deny it, and they set to work as lovers. The media is now covering the two more than the rest of the people in the drama they're in, despite their bit roles. Meanwhile, Gomi is suffering because his parents want to put him in a difficult school. While he is out, he is beat up by bullies, which he hides from Hayama.

As the meetings for determining what school the kids go to goes on, Sana goes through with impunity, though only due to sweet-talking Sumirei with talk about Zenjiro. When it comes to Gomi, he is the only student who wishes to go to the upper-level middle-school, but in reality he doesn't want to, and his mother does want him to. The teachers say he'll be denied, making his mother very angry. He yells and leaves the room, going out of the school.

Sana and Wootsi begin to grow closer, but Sana suddenly notices Gomi out with middle-school kids. They go to a diner, making Sana suspicious. The next day, Gomi ask Hayama if he is telling the bullies something. Akito doesn't know what he's talking about. The next day, while he is out running, he is captured by the bullies, and has his face covered. Gomi is now among the bullies, and he helps in beating him up. He goes home holding his stomach, and in extreme pain, but does not know it was Gomi who inflicted it.