A Fruit Juice Soaked First Kiss
Season 1, Episode 8
Kodocha 8
Air date May 24, 1996
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Asako Kurumi... Rival in Love!
Double Double Sana's Love Trouble

Sana learns why Rei has been acting so weird. She learns that Asako is the woman of his past, and that they were together long before she met them. After being overtaken by a crowd of paparazzi, they get home, where Rei promises Asako is only in his past. Sana wants to believe him, but finds a box of cutouts of Asako hidden among his things.

While at school, Hayama agitates Sana, telling her Rei doesn't really love her in a romantic manner. Sana leaves the room, trying to convince herself that Akito is wrong, and walks home instead of being picked up by Rei. Akito and Tsuyoshi, meanwhile, ambush Rei, getting in his car and having him take them to a tea-house.

Here, a glimpse of Rei's past is seen. Sana picked him up when she was walking at 5 years old. She fed him her food and brought him home, to which Misako agreed to allow him to stay in return that he may be Sana's manager and that he continue to keep up the facade of being her boyfriend. Hayama still says he is wrong to trick her like this, and treats him as though he is a pedophile. On the walk home, Akito asks Tsuyoshi if he likes Sana again. At this, Akito declares Tsuyoshi to be his rival.

Sana attempts to avoid Rei after all these incidents, hoping it will all blow over. Rei becomes very concerned, but Sana just says they need time apart, during which she becomes excessively depressed. The school goes on a field trip to city hall, which is a very tall building, instigating Hayama's height fear. Along the way, Tsuyoshi tries to talk to her, but his own sadness gets in his way, as he sees he has no chance against Hayama in getting Sana. Meanwhile, Aya says she has a crush on someone, but she won't reveal who. When they are in the tower, Hayama feels sick, as expected. Sana gets him some juice, but she spills it on him. As she wipes it off his face while apologizing profusely, Akito leans forward and kisses her. At first she does not react, but then she suddenly screams loudly, so loud that Rei, who came to city hall against Sana's advise to see her, can hear it from the ground floor.



  • This episode makes the first mention of Hisae's name, though she had appeared in every episode since the 1st one.